Get Bold, Prominent Brows With Microblading Services

Get Bold, Prominent Brows With Microblading Services

Microblading is the future of brow care in Lake Charles, LA

For those who are not naturally blessed with a full or well defined brow, we have a solution for you! Semi-permanent make up can give new life to your eyes and balance out facial features instantly!

Microblading - A tiny blade is used to create the natural look of hairstrokes. Microblading is a good place to start for those who may not be ready for a more bold look.

Powder Brow - This "filled" look is soft at the edges and fades to darker in the middle to resemble a "powder fill" or make-up look.

Ombre Brow - This look graduates to thicker, more dense looking color from the beginning to the tail of the brow.

Combo Brow (artists favorite) - The best of all worlds! This is a customized look achieved by tastefully combining techniques to give you the best look possible.

Other eye-defining services:

Lash and Brow tint - Quickly and instantly adds definition to the eyes with a 5 minute specialty color service. Tested and approved for the sensitive eye area.

Lash Lift - Lifts and curls lashes for a wide awake look that will last 4-6 weeks

Permanent Eyeliner - A quick and easy procedure done on top or bottom lash line to give a look that is smudge-proof! This procedure can be customized to each clients preference, from bold or just lash enhancement, and to each persons eye shape.

Trust our professional aesthetic services in Lake Charles, LA

Vivid McCann Wellness & Aesthetics offers a wide variety of different semi-permanent brow procedures. To learn more about how we can restore the look of thinning eyebrows, contact Kristin at 337-540-8991 or