Juvederm Collection of Dermal Fillers in DeRidder, LA

Juvederm Collection of Dermal Fillers in DeRidder, LA

It is normal to experience a loss of tissue elasticity and volume as we age. As the skin becomes lax, deep creases and facial lines (static wrinkles) will appear. Fatty deposits under the eyes and along the cheeks may start to diminish, giving the face a hollow appearance. These changes can give the face an exhausted, unhappy, and unhealthy look. Moreover, the early signs of aging can add unneeded years onto the appearance. Sun damage, smoking, illness, weight fluctuations, and genetics will further intensify these issues. The solution? Dermal fillers like the Juvederm family of fillers from Allergan, the makers of Botox.

Juvederm XC is a dermal filler, designed to treat static wrinkles, facial folds, and the loss of volume that occurs with age. Comprised of Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring substance that provides structure to healthy skin, Juvederm will plump tissues and bind with the body's existing collagen stores. Facial symmetry and volume can be restored. The smooth gel formula ensures natural looking results, which can last for up to one year.
Juvederm Can Benefit:

  1. Nasolabial Folds (between nose and mouth)
  2. Marionette Lines (corners of the mouth)
  3. Volume loss in cheeks and jawline
  4. Volume loss in lips

Options in Juvederm Treatment

Juvederm comes in several unique formulas; each designed to meet a wide variety of patient needs. A variation in viscosity (thickness) will allow the specific filler to successfully treat fine lines, deep creases, or replenish facial volume.

  1. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
  2. Juvederm Ultra XC
  3. Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm can effectively eliminate static wrinkles, providing excellent results when used on its own. When the filler is paired with Botox Cosmetic, used to treat dynamic wrinkles (caused by repetitive muscle movements), patients can see optimal facial rejuvenation. Ask your provider about the other noninvasive treatments available to compliment your Juvederm treatment.

The ideal Juvederm Candidate

The ideal Juvederm Candidate

Anyone who is unhappy with the early signs of aging may make a great candidate for Juvederm. The treatments can benefit both men and women; it is safe for any skin type or ethnicity. The ideal patient will be in overall good health, understand the Juvederm process, and hold reasonable expectations for their results. Those with a history of an allergic reaction to dermal filler injections should not undergo a Juvederm treatment. A consultation appointment will be held before beginning Juvederm injections, to determine if Juvederm will meet each patient's unique needs.

The Juvederm Consultation

Prior to beginning a Juvederm treatment, a brief consultation appointment will be scheduled with Dr. McCann and staff. This will provide time for a full assessment of your skin's health and your medical history. Here, the Juvederm process will be explained, as well as any other potential options for skin rejuvenation. If Juvederm is determined to be the right noninvasive product for you, an individualized treatment plan will be created.

The Juvederm procedure

The Juvederm procedure will take less than half an hour complete. Juvederm XC contains Lidocaine, an anesthetic, which keeps discomfort to a minimum. Once the consultation and anesthesia have been completed, the wrinkle-reducing filler will be applied with a very small needle, just above the underlying muscle and bone tissue.
Dr. McCann uses several techniques to administer Juvederm, depending on the patient's desired results. These include traditional injections, linear threading (a single thread placed under the skin fold), or serial punctures (a number of small deposits under the tissue). The injections themselves will take only a few minutes. Patients are then free to resume their normal activities.

Results from Juvederm

The benefits from Juvederm injections can be seen immediately. Lines and folds will be eliminated, the skin will be lifted, and healthy volume restored. Over the next two to three weeks, as any residual swelling or redness resolves, the results from Juvederm will continue to improve. The Hyaluronic Acid contained in Juvederm will also encourage the body's natural production of collagen, giving the face further improvement. The results from Juvederm can last from six to twelve months, sometimes longer. This will depend on the treatment area, the extent of correction, and the type of Juvederm used. After this time, a repeat treatment can be used to maintain the results.



Radiesse is a well trusted dermal filler at Vivid, used to replace the lost facial volume that occurs with age. The thick, calcium based gel creates a foundation for the lower layers of facial tissue, raising and plumping the skin. Radiesse is also ideal for creating more prominent cheek bones and filling in deep facial creases. Radiesse is composed of a substance called Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA). These tiny microspheres of CaHA will improve the skin's natural scaffolding, and provide long-term improvement in the skin's appearance.
Radiesse can:

  1. Create more prominent cheekbones
  2. Fill in deep facial creases
  3. Provide symmetry and shape

The Ideal Candidate for Radiesse

The perfect candidate for Radiesse can be anyone who wants to improve the signs of early aging, but does not want to commit to a surgical procedure. Patients should be in good health, show a clear understanding of the dermal filler process, and hold reasonable expectations for their upcoming results. Dr. McCann will determine if Radiesse is the right treatment for an individuals needs.

Radiesse Injections

A treatment with Radiesse will take less than an hour in the Vivid Wellness and Aesthetics office, it is perfect for a 'lunchtime lift'. The Radiesse is applied to the predetermined areas of the skin with a very thin needle.
No downtime is necessary after a Radiesse session; patients can immediately resume their daily activities. It is common for the injection site to become slightly red and mildly swollen, although this will resolve in a short time.

The Radiesse Results

The Radiesse Results

The benefits of Radiesse are immediately noticeable. The skin will be lifted and smoothed, with improved shape and volume. In the coming weeks, as Radiesse encourages the body's production of Collagen, the appearance will continue to improve. The benefits from Radiesse generally last between 18-24 months, sometimes longer. To maintain a youthful appearance, a repeat treatment can be performed as the results begin to fade.